Superhero Competition 1


Submission Instructions

Please follow these instructions to upload your chosen pictures from Competition 1 (outside). You may submit 2 collages of up to 10 images.

Submission is via email to [email protected].

Please copy and paste the following template into your email and complete the blanks. It’s important you provide the following information in your email so we know who to contact if you win any of our fantastic prizes.

Email Template

Subject: [Outdoor Superhero]

Please find our group’s entry to the County’s Superhero Competition 1.

Submitter Name: ________

Group Contact Email: ________

Scout District: ________

Scout Group/Unit: ________

Number of images attached: ________

Now please attach the images to this email, as you normally would attach a file.

Finally, click send. You’ll receive an automatic reply to confirm we’ve received your Group’s entry.

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