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Oak Awards

The Oak Awards are specific to Nottinghamshire Scouts, and are awarded to individuals or groups every autumn for exceptional service in Scouting over the last year. The Oak Awards are in the gift of District Commissioners (DC), Scout Active Support Unit (SASU) Managers, and the County Commissioner (CC).

Oak Awards are usually nominated in one of the following ways:

  1. DCs can award up to 2 awards.
  2. SASU Managers can award up to 1 award.
  3. CC can award up to 1 award.

There’s no set requirements for the Oak Award: the reason for nomination are as varied as Scouting itself, but are always for someone who has done something exceptional to support Scouting in their area.

If you know someone who has gone above and beyond, then please contact your DC/CC with details. DCs/CC may also want to award an individual/group other Scouting awards.

2022 Recipients

  • Ashfield
    • Rachael Cooke (4th Hucknall)
    • 5th Sutton
  • Bassetlaw
    • Susan Coulson (4th Carlton in Lindrick)
    • Christopher Hyde (DDC)
  • Beauvale
    • Jane and Richard Maltby
    • 1st Awsworth (St Peter’s) Scout Group
  • City
    • Pete Clarson (34th Nottingham)
    • 1st Clifton
  • Central
    • 1st Farnsfield (Squirrel Leadership Team)
    • Ben Danvers and Ross Bashton (Central Notts Comms and Media Team)
  • Mansfield
    • Claire Wickham (AESL, 8th Mansfield)
  • Newark
    • Geoff Bow
    • 1st Balderton Scout Group
  • South West Notts
    • Artemis Explorer Scout Unit
    • 2nd Bramcote Scout Group
  • Rushcliffe
    • 1st Ruddington Scout Group
    • 4th West Bridgford Scout Group
  • Gang Show SASU
    • Jayne Burton-Naylor
    • Adrian Marriott
  • Nottinghamshire County
    • Ed Hewes

2023 Recipients

  • Ashfield
    • Chloe Aram (3rd East Kirkby in Ashfield Cub Scout Pack)
    •  Richard Jackson
  • Bassetlaw
    • Mark Mounde (2nd Ranskill)
    • Sam Everitt
  • Beauvale
    • Joanna Powell (2nd Brinsley Underwood)
    • Andrew Brown
  • City
    • Daniela Alves Lafayette (26th Nottingham)
    • Rod Pilkington
  • Central
    • Tom Andrews (1st Daybrook and Woodthorpe)
    • Lindsey Boaler (District Squirrel Drey)
  • Mansfield
    • Steve Gough (1st Clipstone)
  • Newark
    • Tom Cragg (6th Newark)
    • Iain Orme
  • South West Notts
    • Claire Porter (5th Stapleford)
    • Jane Andrews
  • Rushcliffe
    • Alan Huber (3rd West Bridgford)
    • Andy Saville (2nd East Leake)
  • Gang Show SASU
    • Amy May Johnson
    • Julie Bentley Housden and Peter Stevenson
    • Keith Morris
    • Alistair Bow
  • Nottinghamshire County
    • Adam Blakey

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