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Young Leaders

Young Leaders is a programme designed to facilitate young people aged 14 to 18 who work with a section (Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts) as a Young Leader. It gives Young Leaders the skills and knowledge to act as part of the section leadership team, and covers subjects such as a balanced, quality programme, Child Protection, First Aid, and leadership skills.

    Completion of the Young Leaders’ Scheme modules are based on attendance. The Missions are where this learning can be put into practice.

    The Young Leaders’ Scheme is designed to help Young Leaders develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding need in their current role, which can be built on if they decide to take on an appointment as an adult.

    Our Young Leader offer

    Explorer Scout Young Leaders (ESYLs) are our future adult volunteers and therefore it is important that every Young Leader across Nottinghamshire is equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed in their role!

    Modules list and upcoming sessions

    See below for an overview of the modules, as well as dates for the next upcoming sessions.

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    Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
    *Module A *Module A *Module A *Module A EXAM SEASON: Good luck! *Module A
    Modules C & J Modules G & H Module B Modules D & F Modules E & I
    Module K (First Aid) – Self-paced ‘First Reponse’ online training course. Complete any time and get the same first aid qualification as adult leaders.

    Module A: Prepare for take-off

    This module must be completed by all Young Leaders within three months of joining the scheme. Through attending, you will receive all the essential information needed to perform your ESYL role safely. You will also be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to assist another section and to make the most of the ESYL Scheme.

    Next sessions:

    • Monday 29th November 2021
    • Monday 31st January 2022
    • Monday 21st March 2022
    • Monday 4th July 2022

    Module E: Game on!

    Module I: What did they say?

    The first part of this session will focus on the different types of games that can be played during section meetings and how to use them to the greatest effect. The second part will look at youth-shaped Scouting and how you can involve young people in planning the programme.

    Next sessions:

    • Monday 20th June 2022

    Module B: Taking the lead!

    By exploring different leadership styles, you will become better equipped to work more effectively as a leader in your chosen section. Together, we will apply our understanding of leadership to a given scenario and discuss the advantages of evaluation and self-reflection.

    Next sessions:

    • Monday 17th January 2022

    Module D: Understanding behaviour.

    Module F: Making Scouting accessible.

    This session provides you with a basic understanding of the different behaviours that young people can display. We also investigate some of the possible causes, triggers, and solutions. After this, we will explore inclusivity and how to make reasonable adjustments to the programme so that it meets the needs of all young people in the section.

    Next sessions:

    • Monday 7th March 2022

    Module G & H: Programme plans

    These modules focus on providing a high quality programme for your section. We will look at the badges and awards available in each section, as well as what a balanced programme looks like; ensuring activities are challengings, relevant, and rewarding for each young person. Following this, we’ll use breakout rooms to split into smaller groups to produce your own, sample medium-term plan.

    Next sessions:

    • Monday 15th November 2021

    Module C: That’s the way we do it!

    Module J: Communicate it!

    Understanding how to teach new skills is essential to providing #SkillsForLife. In this session, we’ll evaluate the different ways of demonstrating and teaching skills so that we keep young people engaged and having fun. We’ll then focus on the importance of adapting your communication style, and how tone and body langauage can be so important.

    Next sessions:

    • Monday 13th September 2021

    The Missions

    This part of the Young Leader training is to be completed in the sections the Young Leader supports. It is an opportunity for the Young Leader to put into practice the skills they have learnt in the modules. By completing each mission, they will develop their skills, find out which elements of leadership are their strengths, and identify skills that they may be able to further improve and develop.

    To achieve the mission 1-4 badges, Young Leaders should download the Notts Scouts Mission Log Book, complete their self-reflection and upload their evidence to their Online Scout Manager account, via ‘Badges at Home.’ The County Office will then post their badge to the Section Leader of the Group the YL volunteers at, so they can award it during one of the weekly meetings.

    The missions are:

    Mission 1: Game

    Plan and run a minimum of three games with the section you are volunteering with. At least one game should take place indoors and one outdoors.

    Mission 2: Activity

    Plan and run an activity (not a game) with the section you are volunteering with.

    Mission 3: Programme planning

    Take the section’s programme ideas to a Programme Planning Meeting.

    Mission 4: Delivery

    Take responsibility for organising and running part of the section programme.

    Options at 18+

    Supporting all of our Young Leaders as they transition onto the adult training scheme is one of our key priorities. Therefore, all Young Leaders who register via the sign up above will receive an email three months before their 18th birthday to offer guidance with their options at 18. The relevant District training team will also be notified so they can provide tailored, local support.

    If you have any questions, then please email Ed & Connor via youngleaders@notts-scouts.org.uk.