What’s our impact? As we put the finishing touches to MegaMoot, the largest event we run have for decades, I am reflecting on a question asked by a colleague at work the other day. We were talking about volunteering and what I’d enjoyed, some of the challenges and my plans for the future etc. when she said, “That all sounds great, but what has the impact been.” Crikey, what a question!! We’re really good at talking about what we do, but often forget to talk about the difference it makes.

I’ll share with you my thoughts on the other questions another time, but here’s my answer to the question about the difference that we’ve made over the last 7 years.

We’ve grown every year since 2011 and we’re bigger now than we’ve been for several decades! We have more volunteers than anytime in our history, more young people are taking part in adventurous activities, adults are joining us more efficiently, we are better at navigating the DBS journey, we are better able to describe the support we provide for our members, we are more reflective of our local communities, our charity governance is stronger, we are less reliant on grants from local authorities, good leadership of local groups is more consistent and we have more ‘volunteer managers’.

Members of the public see us as more relevant, we are more trusted, what we do is more likely to be shaped by young people and we have fabulously enthusiastic and able youth commissioners. More groups are providing a high quality Scouting programme and we’re coordinating larger activities and events to target our impact on supporting Groups.

Thank you for everything you have done to support and lead us on our way! It really has been a privilege being your County Commissioner over the last 7 years!!