Welcome by

Christine Sheard, County Training Manager


This website holds all the information a leader in Nottinghamshire needs to get their training under way.

We are very aware that all of our leaders are volunteers and therefore their training is in their own time.

However we are also conscious of the fact that it is a requirement of the Organisation for leaders to complete their training.

The County Team's purpose is to support and encourage, but the responsibility for the training is down to the individual.

On this site you will find the Calendar of Training Events scheduled for the coming year – or part of it.

We have tried to vary the times and locations of modules to best meet the needs of all our leaders, no matter where they are based around the County.

If however none of these dates fit in with prior commitments, then please speak to your Local Training Manager, as local small group sessions may be provided at a suitable time and venue. Some of the modules also have alternative methods of learning, such as e-learning and videos/DVDs to watch. Remember, we are there to make training accessible.

The training sessions are just the learning phase of this programme; each module then needs to be validated by a qualified Training Adviser. This is to ensure standardisation across the County and across the Country, as well as to ensure the leader really does know what they claim.

On completion of all training needs a leader is awarded their Wood Badge. An internationally recognised award in Scouting.

Once a Wood Badge has been awarded then all leaders must complete On Going Learning, to keep up their skills as well as to develop new ones, all for the benefit of the young members.

Also available on this site are downloadable application forms. Once completed these should be submitted to the County Training Administrator.

As this is a National scheme, we are quite happy to accept leaders from any other County. We charge a small administration fee. Further details and completed application forms should be submitted to the County Training Administrator.

Training in Nottinghamshire continues to be paid for by the County, with the exception of those events requiring an overnight stay for which the fee is to cover accommodation/catering costs. Any non Scouting training events, eg Full First Aid training, will incur an attendance fee.

If an individual fails to attend a module without prior notice a fee of £10.00 will be requested..

Any further help can be obtained from the County Training Administrator, any of the Local Training Managers or from myself, the County Training Manager.

Please see the contacts page for details.


Christine Sheard - County Training Manager
July 2017