Nottinghamshire Scouts


This section provides an opportunity to get more proficient at a hobby you already have or to accept a challenge and try something new. There are 10 categories of activities to choose from:

Take a look at the full list of 173 possible skills ranging from playing a musical instrument (which is the most popular skill overall) to learning to drive a car (the most popular skill for the Gold Award) to sports refereeing, first aid, cookery, snooker, computers, looking after pets, war games, making a collection of stamps or coins, drama (involvement in Gang Shows), monitoring the weather, photography, art, fishing which are all popular alternatives.

When you've decided on your skill you will need to meet with an assessor and agree some objectives. The assessor needs to be someone who has some knowledge of the skill you're doing so they can help you along the way and agree at the end that you've met your goals. The assessor should not be related to you but can be a friend. The Skills Programme Planner can be used to help with this.

REMEMBER you need to be sure your activity is on the programme list for example dance appreciation is Skill but actually you doing the dancing is a Physical!

If you are unsure or would like to explore doing a variation of one of these skills please contact the County Adviser