It’s always great to know that your ideas and priorities match with those of others. It’s a really powerful thing when everyone pulls in the same direction. You could call it a movement. Sound familiar?

I received exactly that reassurance when I joined over 170 leaders from across Nottinghamshire at #nottssummit18. It was great to hear so many people talking and sharing ideas about what we can do to grow and develop Scouting in Nottinghamshire.

The challenge for me, my team and everyone in Nottinghamshire will be to put the actions in place – quickly.

As I sat as an unknown person in one of the breakout groups it was positive to hear how many groups don’t just see themselves on the periphery of their community. They see themselves at the centre, helping to bring others together. For me this is really key to developing Scouting, we are so much more than a youth organisation.

The only lingering worry from the day was the “gasp” from the audience when I said I won’t let my new role take over my life. The time I spend at home with my family is really important to me and is something I will be keeping hold of at all costs. I will be leading by example on this by building a great team to support me move things forwards and I expect others to follow – more soon.

In my day job I work for an organisation that really values the life-work balance. I’m keen to add another word into that mix – volunteer. The life-work-volunteer balance will be key as Nottinghamshire moves forward. For example as we better value our existing volunteers and welcome new adults who are currently blissfully unaware that they will be wearing a necker in the future!

Here’s to moving forward together!